Metro 313 – Unmarx is More than a Lint Roller Alternative

4 Feb

Metro 313 is a visual journal of Metro Detroit, Michigan. The producer and photographer, Mark Hicks is the photographer of Unmarx’s famous co-founders’ company photo with Unmarx. (See below) Mark is also a BIG FAN of Unmarx and shared his love for it on his new blog Metro 313, a long term editorial project of Marks that explores people, businesses, places, and events within Metro-Detroit along with amazing photography.

Mark thought the idea of Unmarx was ingenious and uses it at all his photo shoots to get his clients picture ready. He also loves the fact that Unmarx is more then a lint roller alternative and is a simple, no water needed, inexpensive solution for a common problem – clothing marks.

To read more about Unmarx on Metro 313, please visit

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